This chick bears a strong resemblance to Butthead. Picture

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I gave her my DeathStar Picture

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This monkey is pissed! Picture

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Another one, WTF do you guys think it is? Picture

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May God forgive me for posting this. Picture

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At an extreme level! Picture

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Mary looks unsatisfied! Picture

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"Ya, I gave him a mustache ride!" Picture

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Thats pretty impressive! Picture

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Caption speaks for itself.... Picture

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Looks like he skinned a baby.. Blood all over hat..but the finger nails.. Idk.. CREEPY

on Another one, WTF do you guys think it is?

Miss Rose Mary Hebert

How are you? I am fine.
Will you send me a request catalog?
My address here is:
Miss Rose Mary Hebert
P.O. Box 1529
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Then I will order it.
I want read and look for pictures a request catalog book.
What kind I like a something's and anything & etc..
Any Questions?
I want penis and Virginia for towels.
Thank-You, Rose Hebert

on Just bought the Dick towel. Its a chick magnet!


He sure as Hell is! Way to go!

on Is this guy wearing a man skirt???


aghhhh!! bad breath

on This monkey is pissed!


I concure with Kitteh. they aint doing it right. lazy bastards

on I hope they respond to my letter


It's a popular drink in Peru that happens to be yellow. Big deal. You might as well upload Apple Juice.

As an aside - it tastes lovely

on Didn't know they see piss as Kola now

Knee pads

she just forgot to take them off.

on They don't only wash dishes and make you sand...


I would take the white girl over any one of those fake ass girls any day. Natural is so much more beautiful than an ass bought with daddy's credit card.

on A legitimate picture of the girl I slept with. T...



on Sushi place tried selling me this white "swee...

Steel Panther.

Two in the Pink, and One in the Stink... That's called "THE SHOCKER!!!"

on The Shocker: Two in the front! One in the Rear!


I officially love japan.

on Caption speaks for itself....


WTF Is that red blob thing... Is it like, a new-born Mr. Blobby?! any why does the guy look so happy to be holding it?! D:

It just makes no sense... AT ALL!!!

on Another one, WTF do you guys think it is?

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